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The Mirador estate vineyards are referred to as Flat Creek Vineyards named after the creek that runs through the vineyard on the way to the Consumnes River.  Flat Creek Vineyards is an A+ vineyard site located on the south-facing slope of Mt. Aukum at 2,100 feet in the Sierra Foothills.  Our soil is comprised largely of decomposed granite with layers of clay and loam, offering great drainage, perfect for grapevines.  In addition to our soil, we have nearly-perfect grape growing weather that features warm, sunny days and cool nights with very little wind during the growing season.  As winemakers of our own estate grapes, we are emphasizing quality over quantity. We drop fruit to harvest no more than 2.5 to 3 tons/acre.   This combination of excellent terror and farming practices allows us to grow some of the best grapes in the state of California, producing a fruit-forward grape with the ideal brix, pH and TA for winemakers.


If you are interested in purchasing grapes, please visit the Flat Creek Vineyards site at:


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